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Acryl Seal 25: Solvent Base

Acryl Seal 25 is a solvent-based alkylalkoxysilane penetrating water repellent. It is designed specifically for warehouse floors, brick masonry, limestone, pre-cast, and concrete surfaces, including blocks where darkening is unacceptable.

Acryl Seal 25 reduces bonding of airborne hydrocarbons, reduces water damage from freeze thaw, protects against efflorescence, and has excellent ultraviolet resistance.

#2 Additive: Acryl Polymeric

#2 Additive is based on Ecryl Polymeric chemistry, designed to improve the performance of Portland cement.

It provides high adhesive strength to structurally sound surfaces, such as concrete, stucco, mortars, masonry, plastic, etc.

Aqua Cure 30: Water Base

Aqua cure 30 is a concentrated curing and sealing compound. It is use to cure, seal, and dust proof new and old, interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces such as commercial and industrial floors, sidewalks, basements, garage floors, multi-level parking decks, patios, driveways, and parking areas. Aqua Cure 30 can be used as is, in concentrated form, wherever a thick film, high gloss, sheen finish is desired.

Aqua Seal – 25 Nano Base Graffiti Coating

Product: Aqua Seal –25 is a water base waterproofing sealer fusion with Nano Drivers, design to penetrate deep in to concrete, masonry, and fiberglass surfaces.


Aqua Seal 25 Water Based is a water proofing sealer for concrete and masonry surfaces. It is designed for concrete surfaces, decks, pavement, parking structures, ramps, walls, and floors. Aqua Seal 25 protects against moisture, weathering, corrosive adverse effects of de-icing salt, and spalling.


Blockade is an advance water-repellent concrete mortar additive specially designed to be used in the manufacturing of block, pavers, colored blocks, colored pavers, etc. It is also recommended for blocks admixture, pavers admixture, colored blocks and pavers admixture, split face blocks and colored blocks admixture, integral waterproofing of any concrete material, and blockade mortar admix and mortar additive.

Blockade is composed of high molecular organofunctional polymers of natural fatty acids combined with surface-active agents.

Concrete and Masonry Sealers

  • Concrete Floor Sealer For Warehouse Floors (Solvent and Water Base)
  • Concrete Floor Sealer (Liquid Crystal Base)
  • Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk And Patio Sealer (Solvent Base)
  • Brick And Block Sealer (Solvent Base)
  • Brick Sealer (Water Base)
  • Silane And Siloxane Base Sealers For, Lime Stone, Sand Stone, Natural Stone, Pre Cast, Pavers and Stamped Concrete
  • Marble Polish
  • Salt Protector For Concrete
  • Sealer For Concrete Roof Tiles (Glass and No Gloss)

Concrete Equipment Cleaners Concentrate

Concrete Equipment Cleaner is used to clean off concrete on equipment.

Cure and Seal: Water Base

Cure and Seal Water Based is a concrete curer and sealer. It may be quickly and easily applied to cure, seal, and dust proof new and old, interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

When properly applied, Cure and Seal produces an impermeable seal for efficient moisture retention. It is ideal for application on commercial and industrial floors, sidewalks, basements, garage floors, multi-level parking decks, patios, driveways, and parking areas.


E-Cure is a liquid additive made specifically for use in cement products where efflorescence is a problem.

E-Cure prevents and binds the chemicals in cement and mortar mix. It keeps the additives from leaching out onto brick, block, or other mortar set products. It is also excellent for precast and poured in place concrete.

Enviro Seal 707: Water Base

Enviro Seal 707 is a water-based alkylalkoxysilane penetrating water repellent. It is designed specifically for brick masonry, limestone, pre-cast, and concrete surfaces, including blocks where darkening is unacceptable.

Enviro Seal 707 reduces bonding of airborne hydrocarbons, reduces water damage from freeze-thaw, protects against efflorescence, and has excellent ultraviolet resistance; it is VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant as well.


Plasticizer is a specially formulated product for concrete sand and cement products.


- Increases compressive strength.

- Minimizes efflorescence.

- Speeds cycle time.

- Helps to brighten colors.

- Dose does not create moisture probe problems.

- Eliminates extra dispenser.

- Helps green strength.

- Resists primary “bloom or scum” formation in highly colored units.

- Provides lubricity and clean casting of concrete blocks, pavers, roof tiles, and precast concrete.

Quick Release

Quick Release releases concrete molds. It is safe for all types of concrete molds and does not interfere with concrete curse or colored concrete.

Clean up is easily done with water.

Salt Protector S100

Salt Protector S100 is a deep penetrating sealer designed to protect concrete surfaces, decks, pavements, parking structures, ramps, bridges, marine platforms, lane barriers, etc.; it also protects against corrosive, adverse effects of de-icing salts (chloride screens), moisture, weathering, and scaling of concrete structures.

Salt Protector S100 is also excellent for brick masonry and many types of stone masonry.

Sand Joint Stabilizer Concentrate

Sand Joint Stabilizer is a durable acrylic coating that consolidates loose sand joints and protects them, concrete, and brick pavers from water penetration. Treated surfaces resist water related problems, including freeze-thaw damage, efflorescence, and weed growth. Sand Joint Stabilizer also limits staining from spilled oil and food and drink; treated surfaces are easy to clean and long lasting.

Sand Joint Stabilizer has a shelf-life or 1 year from the date of manufacture and is contained in a tightly sealed, unopened container.

Silane Seal 20: Solvent Based

Silane Seal 20 Solvent Based is a penetrating sealer for concrete surfaces, such as concrete decks, bridges, parking garages, airport runways, and smooth precast surfaces.

Silane Seal 40: Water Based

Silane Seal 40 Water Based is a penetrating, polysiloxane based water repellent for limestone and precast and concrete surfaces.

Silane Seal 40 is made to use on concrete decks, bridges, parking garages, limestone, and smooth precast surfaces.

WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive

WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive is a water-repellent additive for mortar joints.

Other Construction Products

LIQUID ICE MELT (Item No. B-114)

Liquid Ice Melt is designed to be mixed with salt and sand, aiding the ability to melt ice and snow down to 0° F; it can be sprayed on or mixed, and can also be used as a stand alone product. It is safe for all concrete and asphalt surfaces and is non-slippery. It is safe for the environment.


Granulated Ice Melt is designed to be mixed with salt and sand, aiding the ability to melt ice and snow down to 0° F; it can also be used as a stand alone product. It is safe for all concrete and asphalt surfaces and is safe for the environment.


Sub-Zero Joint Filler (for floors only) is designed to fill-in construction joints, saw-cut joints, expansion joints, joints between two slabs, etc. It is self-leveling and flexible (it does not crack or chip). In addition, it is acid, alkaline, and solvent resistant, and water proof. It can cure down to -60° F. Sub-Zero Joint Filler comes in a 2-part unit, including a 7 lb. liquid bucket and a 19 oz. liquid container. This product is USDA approved.


Sub-Zero Freezer Patch is used to fill-in large areas of concrete flooring (the average coverage is 4’x4’x2”). It does not crack or chip and is acid, alkaline, and solvent resistant, plus waterproof. It can cure down to -60° F; easily applied with a trowel. It comes is a 3 part system, which includes a 7 lb. liquid bucket, a 2 lb. liquid container, and a 43 lb. bag of aggregate, composed of fine silica sand. This product is

USDA approved.

Anti Graffiti Coating: Solvent Based

Anti-Graffiti Coating is designed for all types of vertical masonry surfaces, including brick, concrete blocks, stones, etc. It has long-lasting protection and is breathable; graffiti may be removed several times before re-coating is necessary.



Leak detector-5000 is specially designed to detect leaky roofs. This hi-tech Powder is formulated with synthetic and natural micro fibers, and with fusion e3 micron technology, to penetrate deep in to micro and sub micro cracks on to the roof surfaces. It leaves visible tracks by leaving sub micron particles suspended on to the top surface for easy detection.

ACRO SEAL WB 2000 & 2500

Acro Seal WB is a penetrating sealer, designed to apply on wet or dry concrete surfaces.



Design for all painted surfaces

Basic use: use for all types of masonry surfaces, like brick, terra cotta, stucco, blocks, natural stone, limestone, and all concrete surfaces interior and exterior.

Unique feature: It is design to use over on all types of painted surfaces. This special coating does not contain any type of solvent, animal fat, butyl, alcohol or any type of carcinogens. It has very mild sweet odor and is very safe to use indoor and out door without any type of mechanical exhaust. This coating will not harm the existing coating or the paint. This coating will safe guards the original paint and protect from weather elements, and make surface more water resistance.


Part –A: For patching and topping concrete surfaces.

Filling joints, and repairing on concrete floor.

For laying flagstone and paving bricks.

Part -B
, Bond Crete -101: 50: Bond Crete 101-50 is use in conduction with patch master 2000-50. Use 1qt (32oz) to50lbs of patch master 2000-50. After adding Bond Crete 101-50 add sufficient amount of water to yield a desirable consistency.


Septum is a paint additive made with Nano-Zyme (bacteria base). It effectively controls many of the moulds and many harmful bacteria and actively prevents re-growth on painted surface.

Septum automatically activates in eradicating mould, yeasts and bacteria, including E-coli, golden staph, black mould and other harmful and potentially fatal organisms that presents on painted surface.

Septum is harmless to humans and is completely safe to use with interior and exterior water base paint formulations. Paint is very safe to apply on kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, schools, offices, medical areas and many interior and exterior applications.


This product is design to control crystal growth and neutralize any minerals, salt and efflorescence due to high humidity and moist environments.

Once the crystal growth and neutralization process is completed, the time-release mechanism of soil binding property will create flexible yet hard film, to bind and plasticize remaining loose soil and dust particles.


Tile seal 1000 is designed to apply on wet or dry concrete roof tiles.

  • Reduce efflorescence after applying tile seal -1000.
  •  Ready to spray.
  • Leaves Hi gloss on surface of tiles.
  • Dose not turns white.
  • Non-Voc / water base.
  • Safe to use
  • Less than three hour drying time.
  • Can be applied in multiple coats.
  • Can be applied on tiles, after it’s been installed on roof.


Tile seal 2000 is made with Hi Tech poly Alkoxy Silane base material. Tile seal 2000 is made to apply on dry concrete tiles.

  • Penetrating sealer, dose not leave film after it dries..
  • Reduce Efflorescence.
  • Leave (Non Gloss) Matt finish on surface.
  • Dose not changes color of tiles.
  • UV. Stable keep the color of tile natural looking.
  • Non-Voc. Water base.
  • Safe to use.


ESRES EA-417300 is the standard, undiluted, general purpose, diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol-A epoxy resin.



· Single-component formula means no pot life and no mess. Finish is use-able the next day if more coats are desired.

· Contains reactive polymers that offer durability and appearance equal or greater than oil-modified products.

· Excellent black mark, scuff and soil resistance.

· One hour dry time between coats under normal conditions.

· Only 24-hour gym down time.

· Uniquely restorable with high-speed buffer.

· Suitable for oak, maple and parquet floors.

· MFMA approved – meets all standards set for group five products

· VOC –compliant

· Slip resistant- UL classified

FLEXI PATCH For Filling Joints And Repairing Concrete Floors.

Flexi Patch was developed specially for use as joint filler and patching concrete surfaces in industrial and warehouse floors.

Unique Advantages:

  • Self-leveling Flexi Patch is design to fill saw out joints and expansion joints for concrete floors.
  • Has Adhesion to all types of concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Will resist to oil, fat, grease, motor oil, food acid, mineral oil, brine, liq smoke, detergent and water.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • Flexible enough to move with the floor joints.
  • Flexible enough to stand heavy fork lift traffic.
  • Require minimum surface preparation.

Basic Use:

  • Industrial and commercial concrete floors.
  • Excellent for control and construction joints.
  • Specifically designed to be used right after the joints are saw out.
  • Can be used to repair spall and damaged concrete surfaces by adding silica sand with Flexi Patch (See detailed instruction, how to mix and repair, further on this product data section 114).


1. May be installed and will cure at temperature as low as 5’f.

2. Require minimum surface preparation.

3. Has adhesion to all types of building materials.


Graffiti-Off paint remover is an effective water based formula that attacks paint so it can be easily be sprayed or wiped away.

Biodegradable and Water-Based, this product is safe for people and the environment. It works more effectively, or better, in the same time, and costs less per ounce than most solvents.

The formula actually breaks the molecular bond between the paint and the surface and is effective for removing graffiti from all types of surfaces including: stucco, concrete, trucks, and street signs. It provides superior performance on the most difficult porous surface like natural brick and concrete.

Graffiti-Off is the first real alternative to anti-graffiti coatings and the continued painting over of graffiti.

  • A simple yet effective graffiti removal system that’s Water Based, Biodegradable and user friendly
  • Packaged in handy “ready to use” 32oz spray bottle.

E-CURE 101

Product Name: E-Cure 101 Additive

Product Description: E-cure 101 is a liquid additive made expressly for use in cement products where efflorescence is a problem. E-Cure 101 prevents and binds the chemicals in cement and mortar mixer and additives from leaching out onto brick and block and other mortar set products, also excellent for pre cast and poured in place concrete.

Composition: E-Cure 101 is an proprietary mix solution containing glyolatetrigcatates in water base that reacts with impurities in mortar mixes, cement products and aggregates, binding these impurities permanently within these products.

Recommended for: Brick, block, stone, stucco, poured in place, pre cast and any other cementations product.


Provides excellent water and moisture screen.

Cures efflorescence permanently.

Stabilizes and brightness integral colors.

In concrete blocks, roof tiles, pavers etc.

Unites made wit E-Cure 101 can be painted or sealed.

Can be use with plasticizers.

Extends set time resulting in greater strength.

Increase density and cure strength.

Voc compliant and Water clean up.



Sub Zero Patch was developed specially for use as joint filler in industrial floors and freezer floors. Sub zero patch cures at as low as (-50) minus 50’F. Also designed to be used in freezer rooms to fill construction joints.

Unique Advantages:

  • Freezer Room.
  • Has Adhesion to all types of building materials.
  • Will resist to oil – fat, grease, motor oil, and heavy traffic.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • Will move with the floor joints.
  • Flexible enough to stand heavy fork lift traffic.

SW-100 Soft Water

This special product is designed to use in hard water with heavy mineral concentrations.

Use: Used in hard water, in various cleaning and polishing water base formulations. SW – 100 make water soft by binding mineral and other calcium deposits, SW – 100 are designed to be used for non-potable water, such as cleaning and industrial use.


LIQUID QUARTZ concrete densifier, sealer and chemical hardener compound is a ready-to-use, colorless liquid, formulated with chemically re LIQUID QUARTZ active raw materials to harden and dustproof concrete. When properly applied, will offer substantial improvement in abrasion and chemical resistance and will significantly improve the durability of the concrete surface when compared to untreated concrete. As is LIQUID QUARTZ applied and penetrates into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place, producing a byproduct that fills in the pores of the concrete. This process produces a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanced durability. In addition to the densifying and hardening action, LIQUID QUARTZ also solidifies the concrete, eliminating dusting and pitting.

LIQUID QUARTZ meets maximum VOC content limits of 400 g/L for Concrete Protective Coatings as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule. Concrete properly treated with LIQUID QUARTZ is USDA-accepted.

LIQUID QUARTZ is recommended for use wherever hardened, dustproofed and improved chemical and abrasion resistant surfaces are required. Ideal applications include floors in industrial plants and warehouses, storage silos, sewage plants, chemical processing facilities, refineries and heavy pedestrian floor traffic areas, such as civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports and museums. LIQUID QUARTZ can successfully be used in conjunction with shake-on hardeners.


· Penetrates deeply into concrete to densify and harden surfaces to help prevent entry of moisture and other foreign matter.

· Dustproofs and improves chemical, petroleum and abrasion resistance of treated surfaces.

· Provides a permanent, attractive sheen with the ability to polish.

· Protects against scratching or peeling.

· Provides tough, protected surface that won’t after-yellow, discolor or show pedestrian or vehicular traffic wear marks.

· Improves light reflectance.

· Ready to use from container and easy-to-apply.

· VOC-compliant … VOC content is 0 g/L.

· Can help architects earn LEED points in green building applications.


BIO-SORBE is design to absorb oil and grease stains and spills from concrete and various hard surfaces. It is a dry absorbent, micro molecule powder combined with oil and grease digesting enzymes, fusion into one amazing formula that both absorb and digest oil and grease stains from the concrete surfaces. Bio-Sorbe soaks into the concrete, breaks down oil deep in the pores, and molecularly locks onto oil particles. As it dries, the oil is pulled up to the surface and absorbed. As Bio-sorbe enzymes begin to digest oil and grease, and wet powder begins to transform into dry powder. When it is completely dry, the powder is simply swept up for easy disposal.

Description: Just apply by sprinkling powder on to the effected areas, cover the stain completely with powder, wait till it dry and sweep it up. Bio-Sorbe combines a powerful enzyme with a non-leaching absorbent powder to create Micro-Extraction Technology. This Micro-Extraction Technology allows Bio-Sorbe powder tsoak deep into concrete and masonry surfaces, locking onto embedded oil-based stains at a molecular level. Bio-sorbe dries to a powder; the stain is extracted to the surface and absorbed for easy cleanup. If stain remains repeat above steps till oil and stain is absorbed.

Stains Removed: Bio-Sorbe will remove stains from motor oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, synthetic oils, food grease from animal fats, cooking oil, and citronella oil.

Surfaces: Bio-sorbe can be used on various concrete and masonry surfaces including exposed aggregate, patio blocks, paving bricks, quarry tile, stone and colored concrete and asphalt.


Product Description: Catalyst –x The fusion additive is design to use with most cement, lime, gypsum, calcium, ceramics and most lightweight synthetic and mineral base fine aggregates to improve strength, increase water repellency and decrease or eliminate mold, mildew and fungus growth.

Technology: catalyst-x is Hi-Tech water base additive is fusion with Nano molecular polymer technology to impregnate in to micro particles of cement, gypsum, calcium, silica, mica, perlites, ceramics, all natural minerals, quartz, ’sand and most synthetic micro aggregates. This technology peermentanly alter the original state of micro particles integrally by reactive fusion technology and enhances their outlook and performance.

Performance Characters: catalyst-x is simplified to use with most cement and synthetic dry blends. Use 2fl,oz to 4fl.oz per one pound of dry mix. Catalyst –x is a non-reactive and safe to use in conjunction with most bonding agents and concrete hardeners. Improves moisture requirements while curing. Catalyst-x has time-release mechanism that’s allows precise amount of moisture requirement for initial and final cure. Cured and finish product surface can be painted or sealed with most commonly available products. Also it is safe to use with most mineral base pigments design to use with white or gray cement base products.

Intended Use:

· Light weight concrete products

· Pre cast concrete panels

· Lightweight dry wall products

· Concrete brick pavers and blocks

· Stucco and pre- fabricated stucco panels

· Concrete floor and slabs

· Light weight concrete statuaries

· Light weight concrete roof tiles

· Many specialty concrete products

· Mortar add mixes for grouts and mortar joints

Benefits And Compliances:

· Improves green strength

· Increase PSI

· Increase flexural strength, Compliances with “standard test method for evaluating masonry bond strength”. ASTM C 1357.

· Increase compressive strength, Compliances with “standard test method for constructing and testing masonry prisms used to determine compliance with specified compressive strength of masonry. ASTM C1314.

· Fast curing and drying shrinkage of concrete masonry unit (CMU). Compliances with “standard test method for drying shrinkage (CMU). ASTM C 426.

· Reduces air pockets faster for pre cast systems for smoother finish.

· Water permeance of masonry, Compliances with ASTM E and ASTM E 514-74 capable of achieving of a class E rating when test extends to 72 hours.

· Improves water permenace of masonry, compliances with “standard test method for water penetration and leakage threw masonry”. ASTM E 514.

· Also compliances with ASTM C-1059 type 2, ASTM C 1042 type 2, ASTM 404 size No2, ASTM-C 144, and V.O.C. compliant.

· It meets and exceeds compliance test method, ASTM burn test requirements at 2000*F for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour test.

· Compliances with UL Test requirements

Limitation: Keep from freezing. Store product at room temperature. Do not mix this product with other chemicals only use as directed.

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